Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I charge my batteries?

Batteries should NEVER go longer than 3 weeks without being charged for at least 12 hours.  Even if you don’t use your scooter or powerchair, you should plug it in every 3 weeks.

Should I "run down" the batteries before I re-charge?

NO.  If you do this, the battery life will be shortened dramatically.  Some people who use their scooter or powerchair heavily can’t avoide this; as a result, they have to replace their batteries more often.

How long can I leave them on the charger?

With the types of batteries used in today’s equipment, its not possible to “overcharge” them.  They can be on the charger for months at a time without causing harm.

How can I get the longest battery life?

Keep your batteries regularly charged.  We recommend that each time you have finished using your scooter or powerchair for the day; plug it in and LEAVE it plugged until the next time you use it.  Even if that’s a few days or a few weeks later.

How do I know when my batteries need to be replaced?

You will notice that your scooter or powerchair doesn’t go as far as it used to without losing bars on your battery gauge.  Another symptom is that it doesn’t seem to go as fast as it used to.