Rear Tote Carrier

(4 customer reviews)


Fits most scooters (price is only $175 if existing canopy is on scooter)

Dimensions:¬† 19″ x 13.5″ x 14″ deep


4 reviews for Rear Tote Carrier

  1. Lynne Woods

    we need more of these large carriers to carry groceries

    • scootercitypam

      I agree Lynne

  2. Darlene

    I love it , it is great for grocery shopping.I can get my whole week supply in it. I however after all these years need to replace the bag as the nylon zippers have given out.I still have the frame so have to see what just the bag will cost to replace that,shouldn’t be that much i hope

  3. lennyh harrison

    if you are in the need sor a scooter to get you out and about just go to scootercity in coquitlam , and either pam smith or Kristina will get you going I can”t say enough about how good scootercity is to get you the scooter that is best for you

    • scootercitypam

      You’re too kind Lenny. Its been a pleasure dealing with you and Darlene these past 9 years. I know you’ll LOVE your new scooter too!

  4. Jacques Francoeur

    This is not a review but a question, would like to know if the rear tote carrier can be fold when not in use Thank You

    • scootercitypam

      Yes it does fold when not in use

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