Staying safe

Use your personal mobility vehicle(PMV) often and expand your horizons! However, there are some safety tips you should take note of when deciding to use a mobility scooter.

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1. Make Yourself Visible: You should always wear a brightly coloured jacket, or better still, a flourescent safety vest whenever you are outdoors on your power scooter. Even in bright sunlight; its just a good idea.

2. Use Your Headlights: If your mobility scooter has headlights, ride with them on so traffic can see you easily and clearly, especially during fall and winter months.

3.Fly a Flag: We provide a free flag with every mobility scooter. Its attached to an aerial and it helps others see you better, especially when you’re riding through parking lots or on roadways.

4. Always carry ID: We can place an identification tag on your power scooter with a contact name, in case of emergency.

The Motor Vehicle Act states:

When you operate a motorized wheelchair, mobility scooter or power scooter in British Columbia… you are considered a pedestrian!

You are not allowed to ride on the roadway if there is a clear sidewalk on either side of the road or highway.

If there’s no clear sidewalk, then travel on the extreme left side of the roadway or should of the highway facing oncoming traffic.

Obey all traffic control devices, school crossing guards and school traffic patrols.

Cross only at intersections or wherever there is a marked crosswalk.

If you must cross a highway or road where there are no crosswalks, you must yield to all vehicles and cyclists.

You must not leave a curb or other place of safety while riding your mobility scooter if traffic cannot safely stop for you.